How to find a job in Ontario, Canada

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Ontario is Canada's most populace province. It boasts a diverse economy offering employment opportunities in the manufacturing, service and medical sectors, as well as careers in education, science, politics, technology, sales and the public service. Finding a job in Ontario can be challenging, but there are a few things that can make your search easier and more successful. Read the rest of this article to find out more.

Find job postings

Jobs are posted in a variety of places in almost every Ontario community. Besides the local newspaper(s), you can find job postings through the Government of Canada's Job Bank website at, as well as other Internet sources, such as classifieds and company websites. Moreover, Employment Ontario runs a network of offices that provides access to job boards, computers, employment counselors, and job developers to help residents to secure permanent employment in their chosen field.

Find the hidden job market

The vast majority of jobs available in Ontario exist in what's called "The Hidden Job Market." According to Service Canada, many jobs are never posted to any job boards, newspapers, or websites. Because of this, it is very important to include networking in your regular job search. Volunteer to serve on charity boards, help out at community events, attend chamber socials and meet the people who have the career you desire. This can help you to learn about opportunities that perfectly match your skills.

Service Canada: Access the Hidden Job Market -


If all else fails, or if you have the burning desire to be your own boss, Ontario has a vast market of consumers who need the services of people with special skills. Many communities in Ontario have offices dedicated to providing those interested with information and assistance in starting up small businesses. Learn more by visiting the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade programs and services website at

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