Historic and economic travel in Peterborough, Ontario

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Peterborough, Ontario offers something for every kind of vacation, including wholesome family fun and unforgettable memories, natural beauty and outdoor activities, a vibrant nightlife scene, and culture and history attractions sure to please any visitor to Central Ontario. The City of Peterborough offers travelers an economic way to experience the best that Ontario has to offer.

History and sights

Founded in 1825 when Col. Peter Robinson relocated 2,000 Irish settlers, Peterborough offers a rich tapestry of Canadian history for enthusiastic travelers.

Peterborough Museum and Archives - Peterboroughmuseumandarchives.ca

The Peterborough Museum and Archives is dedicated to preserving the local history of the county. It operates year-round, providing access to a library of newspapers, maps and photos which tell the story of early North American settlement. The museum also hosts a variety of educational programs for children and families, including fun activities, child-centered exhibits, camps and classes.

The Canadian Canoe Museum - Canoemuseum.ca

Peterborough, Ontario is home to one of Canada's most unique national heritage centers. Showcasing the world's largest collection of canoes and other paddled watercraft, the Canadian Canoe Museum draws the picture of the early transportation methods that shaped the development of Canada.

Hutchison House Living Museum - Hutchisonhouse.ca

One of the oldest limestone houses in Peterborough, Hutchison House is owned by the Peterborough Historical Preservation Society. The museum is a snapshot of life in Peterborough in the mid 19th century. The rooms of the house are divided into separate exhibits, including an operational kitchen, doctor's study with old tools and equipment, and pre-development survey maps, to name a few.

Why travel to Peterborough, Ontario?

Greater Peterborough offers everything that individual and family tourists look for over the four seasons. Its proximity to the major city of Toronto makes it an extremely convenient travel location, while the city and its surrounding area provide plenty of beautiful and historic sights and activities to experience with more economic accommodations and lodging.

Weather in Peterborough, Ontario

Peterborough endures all four seasons, with summer climaxing during the months of July and August. Travelers during the autumn will experience a magnificent display of foliage colours, coupled with temperatures from warm and dry to chilly and wet. Winter vacationers will find no short supply of snow for skiing and other activities, while those visiting in the spring can expect cool comfortable temperatures and a lot of rain.

Fog over the Otonabee River in Petborough, ONtario.

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