How to move to Canada from the UK

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Many citizens of the UK decide to immigrate to Canada because it has a similar political structure and weather, with a dramatically lower cost of living than some areas in the United Kingdom. Moving to Canada from the UK can present some physical and financial challenges due to the great distance across the Atlantic Ocean, tightening immigration policies from Canada Immigration and Citizenship, and securing employment.

How will you immigrate?

Visit the Government of Canada website at to determine which immigration path is best for your needs. Canada offers many options for working professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and families as well as internationally adopted children. You can also visit temporarily for school purposes or with the help of a work permit for Canada.

Apply for entry

Use the processes outlined by Citizenship and Immigration of Canada, according to the method of entry you qualify for. The application process for relocating to Canada can be long and somewhat arduous, but in many cases, you don't have to complete the entire process before being able to move. If you have an employer or sponsor, for example, you can move before having to write the citizenship exam.

Get a job

Use government employment service centers to meet with counselors, browse job boards, and access many other job-related resources if you do not already have income. These services are widely available to people with Canadian residency absolutely free of charge, and many providers have programs and services geared specifically toward helping newcomers to make the transition to their new environment, regardless of whether they hold permanent residence in Canada or not.


Find a place to live. There are many more rural areas in Canada surrounding the urban centers than in much of the UK, therefore property values, taxes and rents are comparably less. Most properties for sale in Canada are listed by the Multiple Listing Service at For rentals, try the popular local classified sites and for property rental possibilities in your chosen area.


Arrange for shipment of your possessions. Depending on the amount you own, this may turn out to be the most expensive part of your move. You may find that it is actually cheaper to replace some of your furniture once you arrive, than having to pay to have it shipped overseas.

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